Censorship on in Dubai


I’m trying to access the national lottery of Belgium while I’m in Dubai and get attached error page.

I would assume cloudflare does not censor dns queries? But it seems it does?

I’m using dns over tls on android see below.

It doesn’t, I presume that is done on the HTTP layer via some sort of firewall country wide… Can you check what is the actual response to your query?

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Thanks, didn’t think to do that, I don’t have my laptop with me and used a basic android app. But it does seem the correct IP is resolved.
When going to the IP in the browser I also get the warning page but the IP is Belgian.

Thanks for clarification. Guess I should stay on vpn.

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That is the same IP I get from DoH -

  "Answer": [
      "name": "e-lotto.be.",
      "type": 1,
      "TTL": 3600,
      "data": ""

So chances are it’s a HTTP level firewall.

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