CDNJS doesn't seem to give a huge speed boost

I have a site with 40+ css and scripts. When I load them from the origin vs cdnjs, the speeds are very comparable. Only 0.2s difference. Could I be doing something wrong? Is my testing procedure not 1:1 ?

  • Page Rule: wildcard = bypass cache, disabled performance, disable opportunistic encryption
  • Browser: cache disabled.

Test 1:
Loads CSS and JS from the origin.
1.29MB / 2.98KB transferred
DOM loaded: 944ms
Finished: 1.77s
Done: 1.84s

Test 2: Shop human-curated products made in the USA ?? | Domestic First
Loads CSS and JS from CDNJS (hosted by Cloudflare)
1.26MB / 292.73 KB transferred
DOM loaded: 771ms
Finished: 1.60s
Done: 1.71s

How can 36 round trips to the origin be only 200ms slower?
Just a note… the page still loads in http/2 regardless of ‘disable opportunistic encryption’ for the zone and in the page rule.

I’m not complaining either way… just would like to know more about this. Any insight is appreciated!

Screenshots attached.

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