CDN77 and Cloudlfare Configuration


I am using CDN via CDN77. it works all fine.
After I start to using CLoudflare I was wondering if this can work together or does it interfere between CDN caching levels.

I asked CDN77 and got the information no. Since I use the “Ignore Set Cookies” feature at cdn77 there will be no problem.

I cann see on CF side that my non cached lines are high and this is ok. I want to use the CDN77 cache.

But Im curious, what if it is a “to many redirects” between my origin, cdn77 and CF.
If i check the Top Traffic Origins part, i can see that my origin server has a high rate of trafik. it should normaly lower then CDN77. it should mostly Turkey - Datacenter in Istanbul and Ankara.

So my question is… :slight_smile:

Is there any a tutorial that is explain how to configure Cloudflare with CDN77 ?


Im using W3TC as Cache plugin.
CDN77 as CDN
and CLoudflare.
My server is a cloud server located in Finnland.
Im the hoster. So I manage (try to manage) all the stuff happens on my server.

I appriciate every answer.
Best regards



Hi @roninromeo,

Just noticed that there were no follow ups. Did you get your issue resolved or do you still need help?


Hi Ryan
thanks for the question.

I start to thinking the movie silence of the lam. :slight_smile:

Ok I made some experimental configuration. But still I want to know the redirection.

So say a visitor from Turkey is visiting my site. How many jumps he makes.
Say he is from Istanbul. cdn77 has a database in instanbul.
btw I forgot to say that my server is located in Franfurt. The service company is Finland.

Istanbul -> cdn77 -> CloudFlare -> Frankfurt -> Istanbul cdn77 ?
Istanbul -> Cloudflare -> cdn77 -> Frankfurt -> Istanbul Cloudflare ?

And of course I wnat to know If there is any tutorial that explain the configuration on how to use Cloudflare with a external cdn company. The best is cdn77. I checked the internet but couldnt find anythink.


Best Regards