CDN without bot check?

Hi there,

A mod pack creator needs a place to put a 2-3 GB file that’d be accessed by a few thousand users. Sadly, they’re currently hosting it from their home connection which is fairly limited in speed.

I was hoping cloudflare would be able to help with this, but the botcheck may kill the connection. Is there anyway to turn off the botcheck for a specific path/file?


You can lower your security level. But the bigger issue could be that you might be in violation of paragraph 2.8 of the terms of service and might get your account suspended. Use the search for more information on that.

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Ah, TIL. I never read through the entire service contract. Luckily, everything I host via cloudflare is HTML-based.

And this three gigabyte file is part of a regular website? In that case you might be fine, though with nine terabyte of traffic or more I’d contact sales to clarify that use case.

Nope. I didn’t realize that cloudflare specifically limited people from using their service as a CDN to distribute game files. I’ll go ahead and mark your previous answer as a solution.

Not exactly limit, but the primary purpose is caching content from standard websites. Your use case could be potentially okay - even on the free plan - but the amount of traffic is not little, so I’d definitely recommend to clarify this first with support/sales before going live and then possibly have your account suspended.

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