CDN will be free? and after enabled CDN you will help us to change DNS?

need help to enable CDN.
CDN free from yourside? if CDN will be free then we enabled CDN after that you will help us to change DNS?

Do you mean automically Cloudflare make DNS Settings for you ?

not automatically bt any type of help to change DNS.

CDN is free or not?


Yes It’s Free , The Free Plan provides free SSL, CDN , DDoS protection and more

More about Plans here

After adding your domain to Cloudflare First and Important is to Create an A Record pointing to Web-Host Ip Address

More About Adding Records

Hope that Help you

Any more Questions ?

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using free plan can i get any type of help to change DNS?

Yes , You can Ask the Community , Here

how to add domain in Cloudflare?

i mean how can i connect my domain with Cloudflare to enable CDN?

also I want to disable zlib.output_compression what wi’ll i do?

I’d recommend starting your reading here:


Ok , Thank you

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