Cdn(.)videy(.)co marked as malware and adult content?

The domain in the subject does not resolve with or and Cloudflare Radar reports it as malware and adult content.

AFAIK this is a legitimate site which is affiliated with (a Reddit clone) and is used for the site’s video uploads, and blocking cdn(.)videy(.)co prevents viewing posts on which contain video.

The sites do not allow pornography AFAIK, though they are known for being more permissive with political speech.

Does anyone know why cdn(.)videy(.)co is listed as malware and adult content?

Hi! If you’d like to take a look at the categorization and/or think the categorization is incorrect and want to request a change, please follow this guide:

You best bet would be to reach out to the radar team

You can go to the site on radar and report a wrong categorization. Below is a link for this site specifically.

I filed feedback over the site with “Malware” unchecked (I left “Adult Themes” and “Violence” alone in my feedback since I wasn’t sure but don’t doubt it) and it looks like it resolves with and now. Thank you!

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