CDN Using servers far away from my location

The files of my website are served from colo=IAD when cloudfare website is from colo=SCL. My location is Chile (CL).
This makes my site load slower than before using CF!

I’ve read somewhere that it may be due to having a free plan…but that would be fake advertising as all plans have “Globally load balanced content delivery network (CDN)”.

So, could someone tell me if there’s some setting I’m missing or if it’s actually a plan limitation?

Thanks (I’m new to CF)

Cloudflare have 175 data center at world. I don’t think the slowness of your site depends on it. Did you set your minify options at Speed section?
If you think your Cloudflare - website still slow after you’ve made your settings correctly, you can check out argo solution.

Hi slvmr, thank you for your response.
Minify options are set.
What this topic is really about is why files are served from Washington (IAD) instead from Valparaiso, Chile (SCL)…to be precise, SCL is actually Santiago’s airport code, not Valparaiso…

This is CF traceroute, you’ll see colo=SCL while for my site has IAD. Any clarification is appreciated.

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