CDN usage problem!

I want to use CDN to provide large file download service, each file is about 100M. About 100T of CDN traffic is used every month. I heard that Cloudflare is free and unlimited, if I put it on cloudfront in AWS, I will pay $3000/month, but in Cloudflare, can I get it for free? is this real? Can I really use it for free?

Cloudflare is primarily focused towards websites, and as such, HTML.

Proportionate non-HTML usage (like a few images or small videos) on your website is permitted but a website targetted towards exclusively serving asset/media downloads will fall foul of Section 2.8 in the self-serve agreement (

If you were to use something like Workers KV, Images or Stream then there are supplemental terms available in

With that amount of bandwidth on a monthly basis, you’ll quickly get a call from Cloudflare regarding your use-case and moving onto something like an Enterprise plan where a tailored set of terms & billing can be negotiated.

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