CDN to divert traffic

How i can use CDN to divert traffic to a server that is located on nearest or same country server?
Im using Google firebase as frontend service, and i need to have users in Australia to use that service from google which is located in Australia, and if users from Europe, then they go to another service,…
Total i have 3 Areas:


This is possible with the product CF load balancing and the “geo steering” feature.

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So this not possible to achieve without LB ?

You could do it using Cloudflare Workers instead, however based solely on the use case you describe Load Balancing seems the simpler choice.

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Thank you, why you think LB is better than Workers (in my case)?
as i can see it can give better scalable solution and less price, for sure when i need to grow in multiple regions, correct?

It requires no code and comes with automated failover and health checking. But Workers certainly allows for more flexibility and interesting implementations.

Thanks again, can you send me a link for a simple setup for Workers similar to my use case? is one example. There are other starter samples in which may be useful.

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i will try to find out how to apply that to my case, in case i did not find how, will you be able to help?

@cs-cf charges an arm, a leg, and your firstborn child. That’s why he suggested Load Balancing. It’s much cheaper :wink:. Seriously. There’s no sample code to do this in Workers, so you’d need a developer to code this for you.

with LB i still need to use traffic steering, correct?

That’s all done for you. (EDIT: At least the hard parts are. It’s more point and shoot.)

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