CDN still active after delete

Hi there,

I deactivated the CDN on my main website more than 14 days ago (

I did it to restart all the web site on the main domain (

Now, i configured the sub domain “www” with a 301 redirection with htacces.

Today, it seems the whole website is still connected to a CDN when i make tests on GTmetrix.

When i deactivated the CDN 14 days ago, first i deactivated the service, then i deleted my CloudFlare account.

Is that the normal delay for cdn deactivation?

Thanks for your answers

That domain is not using Cloudflare. It may be possible that your site code includes links to assets which are on Cloudflare, but that’s a function of your code. Requests to the site itself are going directly to the origin.

Thanks so much.

But there is no links to assets on CF.
I’ll check that again

The only asset is about lazyload from WP rocket…
Look capture

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