Cdn ssh custum port

How to connect ssh to cloudflare with the desired port

May I ask if you’re trying to connect over and use existing hostname like over the default port 22, or some different, while the hostname is proxied :orange: ? :thinking:

Otherwise, may I ask if you’re using cloudflared tunnel?

Are you using a Free or a Paid Cloudflare plan?


Please explain more and what instructions should I do

Could you by any chance explain more about what you have tried, and how it didn’t work for you?

Perhaps Including any error code(s) or error message(s) you may have seen along the way?

Based on your question, I have to admit that I also see that this could possibly go in multiple different directions, depending on how you have eventually been trying to set it up.

If you could clarify some of the above and/or what @fritex asked you about, it would maybe be possible to get ideas about how you can proceed.

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