CDN South Africa issues

Since about 11th September 2019 Cloudflare has been blocking acess to South Africa CDN in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town for everyone not on Cloudflare enterprise.

Is this due to a policy change or is South Africa CDN now only available for enterprise customers.

My ISP has been routing traffic to another location Kigali Rwanda which is the worst location for South African traffic. EU West is better. I’m dealing with them to update the routing but was curious why Cloudflare is blocking CDN traffic in SA for non Enterprise customers?

This is NOT an ISP specific issue as is routed to JHB but is not for the same ISP and from different ISPs I’ve tried.

Thank You

The South African PoPs all seem to be operational

It still could be an ISP issue. They could simply be routing your 104.20 addresses differently than

Can you post a screenshot of Also, I’d suggest to open a support ticket as well.

Thank you for the reply.

Afrihost Fibre routes to Kigali but Enterprise sites to Johannesburg.

Rain Mobile routes to Djibouti but Enterprise sites to Johannesburg.

My ISP say they are aware of the issue and it’s been an issue since 11th September and have sent a query to Cloudflare NOC but feedback or reasons for these blocks are not forth coming…

It might be a good idea to involve support here as well.

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The latest feedback is that Cloudflare experienced an issue with their Transit Provider feeding the 3 data centres in South Africa Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town.

Not ETA but expected rerouting for all plans except Enterprise is a couple of months…

Wow looks like stuck with slow slow website loading if anyone uses Cloudflare. I totally get Cloudflare dropping free taffic but people pay for the other plans and you just make them suffer too with zero explanation.

Now traffic is going to Kigali and that CDN is servery congested. Less than 1Mbps speeds on that CDN. Sigh

Any updates on this yet? My ISP is routing to Kigali and it’s SOOO frustrating. I’ve turned Cloudflare off in the meantime, but hoping this will get fixed soon.

You need to contact your ISP about that.

Contacting the ISP won’t really help. Cloudflare has stopped South Africa CDN. Afrihost,Axxess and Webafrica is announcing client prefixes in Kigali. Telkom and Rain announces in Djibouti. Cool Ideas, Websquad, Vox and Cybersmart an announces in London.

The main issue here is the fact that Cloudflare has stopped South African CDN without saying anything. They have kept taking money from clients and acted as of nothing is wrong. Unethical business practice at the very least. At least they can be open and transparent about the issue.

Based on what do you say that? still lists all three datacentres in that region.

It’s only available for Enterprise clients.

Response from Cloudflare

“I have checked with my operation team and I’m afraid that there will not be any immediate progress in at least the next few weeks as they are working on upgrading/expanding the data centers in ZA.
The only option will be to upgrade to the Enterprise plan.”

I have confirmation for 2 ISPs in South Africa that have queried with Cloudflare NOC. Cloudflare has an issue with their transit provider providing transit capacity to South Africa. These issues has been causing 502 errors. Cloud Flare has decided to limit traffic to these affected CDNs in South Africa to Enterprise and only.

Prior to this Cloudflare has been rerouting JNB (JHB) to the smaller quieter CDNs CPT and DUR during peak times to alleviate the traffic at it’s main CDN. I’m assuming that this did not have the desired affect and they have chosen to just stop traffic completely for everyone except Enterprise and to keep those services active at least.

Well, you should have started with that as intro :wink:

I admit, that might be disappointing but first, they do not guarantee the availability of regional datacentres and second, from their response it seems as if it was a temporary thing and routing will “soon” come back.

Good day everyone,

I am also from South Africa. I have been caught in two minds about using Cloudflare here.

Please could you help me understand, how does one check whether the CPT, DBN, and JHB CDN servers are actually serving my content?

I pick up from this thread that the problems is that these servers are not functioning currently for Free accounts, and so instead the content is being served from JIB (Jibuti)?

Please could you explain this for me a bit. I would sincerely appreciate it.

I run a website in South Africa, and I have local web hosting, but I decided that Cloudflare and a CDN would help to cater for international visitors. However, my priority is South African visitors.

If the CDN (Cloudflare) is slowing things down for South African users then I am not sure whether it is worth it or not.

Would love some help and I’d appreciate your time and energy.

Thank you.

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Your summary is pretty accurate. As long as Cloudflare doesnt route to their local datacentres, your visitors will have international hops.

You have three options

  1. Leave everyhing as is and accept a slightly higher latency for your local users.
  2. Pause Cloudflare and have the domain name resolve to your actual IP address, in which case Cloudflare will be essentially disabled.
  3. Create two distinct hostnames, one for local and one for international visitors and keep the local one unproxied (:grey:) and the international one proxied (:orange:).

Good Day Sandro,

Thank you kindly for the reply I sincerely appreciate it.

I tried this:
Using your template: https://[YOUR-DOMAIN]/cdn-cgi/trace

However, I got an error on my website:
“This Page Could Not Be Found!”

Furthermore, when I use this link:

It says:

Likely not a Cloudflare website, or not proxied."

However, when I go to my Cloudflare dashboard, it shows is the traffic section that:

" Total Unique Visitors

Last 24 hours


So Cloudflare must be enabled correctly, and at the Home of the Dashboard I have added the website and it says “Active” with a green tick next to it.

Thank you Sandro very much for the helpful reply. I hope you feel good for helping people!

Would you be able to link me to a more comprehensive explanation of this please?

“Create two distinct hostnames, one for local and one for international visitors and keep the local one unproxied (:grey:) and the international one proxied (:orange:).”

This looks like it may be a decent option, but I want to understand it better.

Kind regards and best wishes,

Works for me, I am afraid. Maybe a DNS propagation issue.

You need to post a screenshot.

You’d basically have two URLs, one for your local visitors (unproxied) and one for your international ones (proxied).

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