CDN Service - Accept Cookie again and again

We have recently added Cloudflare CDN service to our WordPress site and getting “Accept Cookie” message each time we click on home page link without exiting from the site. However implementation of CDN service it only asks once to “Accept Cookie” also when we enable development mode under Cloudflare CDN it only ask once “Accept Cookie”. which is the right approach.

Hi there,

Are you able to share the domain that you are having an issue with, and we can take a look?

Just to clarify you are taking about an accept cookie consent banner that appears each time you visit the site, as if it is not storing the cookie to say you have visited the site previously?


domain name is

You are right accept cookie consent banner that appears each time when we visit

@Damian , could you please advise if you have review this? Thanks

Sorry for the delay.

If this is not happening while in developer mode, I’m immediately thinking this could be related to minification or rocket loader.

Under the Speed > Optimization > Content Optimization section of our dashboard, if you are able to test by temporarily disabling these features and then testing from a new browser session and see if this changes the behavior?

Hi Damian,

We have disabled following functions from Speed >> Optimization >> Content Optimization but did not help.

  1. Disabled Rocket Loader
  2. JavaScript
  3. CSS

Is there anything else we can try?