CDN script gets a 522 time out. Slows down pages

Extremely new here so excuse if it’s in the wrong area.

Just wonder what cloud flare services uses this script cdn-cgi/apps/head/yfc6rlnq-ltNBMomwb3dN-XVo-k.js
I tried turning off e-mail obfuscation script and basically any caching i could find but this script is added to any page. The issue is it 522’s out. Meaning the browser waits 15 seconds to time out.

Any tips I can do to get this working?
Thanks for listening!

That should be one of the applications which you can configured at

Though, if I remember correctly there was an issue with applications getting stuck.

If that is the issue here too, you best contact support so they have a look at this.

Ahh that was it. I didn’t know any apps was installed but it was portzilla.

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