CDN records set up for website and app

I want to ensure I am setting up CDN in my cloudflare correctly for my main website server and app. Our records were migrated from another NS and when they were migrated they were proxied so they transferred over incorrectly.

I want to ensure that I have CDN set up for loadbalancing, etc. But I am not sure exactly how to add the record for my particular site and need.


Hi there,

Can you please share your domain with us? At this point your NS in your authoritative DNS are pointing to Cloudflare?

What do you mean by CDN setup? Are you referring to specific A record, CNAME record or Name Servers?

Hey @Luis_McCloud ,

Thanks for answering. Cloudflare does loadbalancing to ensure that my server isn’t overloaded and then I have a down server or slow response time. Essentially, I want to ensure that cloudflare is engaging in loadbalancing traffic for me.

I may be wrong, but I am under the impression a record needs to be added in order for this to take place. But since we changed NS from a cloudflare account that had proxy turned on, the migration of the records may be wrong. I am looking to clarify 2 things then:

  1. Does Cloudflare engage in loadbalancing automatically or is a record needed to be added for cloudflare to work as a CDN?
  2. If loadbalancing is provided and needs a record, how can I verify and potentially fix my records to correctly reflect what is needed in order for this benefit to protect and improve traffic flow for my site, api, etc.

Thanks again for your attention and response!

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