CDN Perf scores

From the graphs posted below it seems CDN performance is pretty tight in the market but I’d like to know if there is some underlying reason that these metrics aren’t telling the full story why Cloudflare is performing ~30% lower than than the top end?

Source: CDNPerf - CDN Performance and Uptime monitoring, comparison and analytics - RUM data

Source: Cloudflare CDN Performance and Uptime - Compare and review Cloudflare CDN

I understand your concern, and I was impressed by them as well. However, the more you look at the graph, the less accurate it seems.

Are we supposed to believe that a CDN that only has a “meaningful” (even then, it’s lacking) presence in Europe has a 63ms response worldwide?
If you study the other listed CDNs, you will find that some of them either don’t disclose their datacenters’ location (weird) or are way too small to have the reported latency in those “benchmarks”.

Suppose you look at the uptime. Does it make sense Akamai and Google CDNs (which are immense) have a 88-84% uptime?

Overall, having a “decentralized” benchmark platform is cool; however, if somebody has enough machines (or something more complex that would make the benchmark collector think multiple devices are reporting specific benchmarks), they can tamper the results to show what interests them.

I’m not saying that Cloudflare is the fastest CDN; however, I suggest trying multiple vendors and seeing which one works best for you. I believe that will be a more accurate representation of which product is best for you.


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