CDN / OVH cloud datacenter destroyed by fire

Please, could you help me ?
Our website is down, french data center destroyed by fire…
Could you tell me if it’s possble to use cloudfare cdn in order to stay online our website ?

Best Regards


Do you have any backup or data discovery plan?

Well, maybe yes, what value have you got for Edge Cache TTLat Cloudflare?
Have you got enabled the Always Online option?
How about Cache type setup, do you have Cache Everything?


I’m terribly sorry to hear about the OVH disaster.

Unfortunately, the best approach would be to spin up another hosting plan and put a temporary site there. If you have a backup of your site, then go with that on the new plan.

Cloudflare DNS, if you’re already on Cloudflare, will redirect traffic to that new site within five minutes.


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