CDN only enabled for DNS

Hello, apparently we have only enabled CF CDN for our DNS. Can someone help point us in the right direction on what settings we need to check to have CDN enabled for our website? Thanks!

If the hostname is :orange: Proxied, then you have CDN enabled for that hostname. To see if your static files are cached, you can use Waterfall view in or to look for a cf-cache-status header.

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Thanks! the host name is proxied. The static files don’t seem to be cached, I can’t see cf-cache-status in our waterfall in gtmetrix: - any idea how to set that up? thanks for your help!

If you expand an entry, you should see the header(s):

Ah gotcha! thanks man!
So all set up ok?

We’re trying to improve our GTmetrix / core web vitals scores, any ideas? We’re passing core web vitals on desktop only just, for mobile our core web vitals is terrible.


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