CDN on head domain reseller pack

Hi all

I don’t know if it ok to put this here.
But when i’m activating cloudfare on my domain, it works.
But all the other domains in the reseller pack of my hosting provider are broken.
They don’t resolve anymore.

Is there any way I can use CloudFare on my head domain without interferring the other domains?

Thanks in advance


It sounds like those other domains are still trying to use ns1 and for their name servers, but you don’t have those two “A” records in your DNS list here.

Or, if you do, they’re set to :orange: Proxy and need to be changed to :grey: DNS Only.

These are now the settings in Cloudflare.
I see 5 DNS addresses with ns.
3 A and 2 AAAA
Should I set all 5 of them to DNS only then?

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