CDN off on images?

Hello everyone ,

I just installed today Cloudflare on my server.

I did this followings tutorials digitalkube /reduce-Cloudflare-ttfb/

But when im going to my website : organizalpha .com and i inspect page ,
I don’t see anything from CDN , all my images are still located on my siteweb ?

I don’t know what I miss for using CDN cloudlflare…

I use WPROCKET for optimize my website …

Thank you for your advices !


Thank you for asking.

Cloudflare acts as a Pull CDN, like most others, so when a file is requested for the first time, it is loaded in the cache. Subsequent requests will come from the cache until that item expires or is evicted for lack of use until the next request. You’re certainly welcome to use any other service that suits you best.

You can either:

  1. Use Cloudflare Pages and Workers to serve HTML and non-html content (images…) except videos (you’d have to use Cloudflare Spectrum for that, if so).
  2. Use BackBlaze B2 Storage or BunnyCDN or even KeyCDN
  3. You’d have to create a sub-domain and add a DNS hostname for it, if so

If you’d like to combine Cloudflare Images with your WordPress, there are some topics about this idea using :search:, see here:

I remember there were topics about WP Rocket + Cloudflare, therefore I suggest you to look up at the below articles in that terms just in case if you’d have some issue later - but you might not have or experience them. Some do, so I’d just like to share them below in case if happens in future:

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