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Hi, I am trying to set up my Wordpress website with Cloudlfare CDN but when I switch on with Swift Perfomance plugin the images, css, js is not loading at all. Or do I have to add something into my Server DNS for this domain? I am using SSL on my server.

Here are my Cloudlflare DNS:

My Swift CDN:

Can you please help me? Thanks



It could be that you need to :grey: that CDN entry in your DNS page. Having it set to :orange: adds an extra layer to what should already be an efficient CDN setup.


Can you be more specific? Where and what? Thanks


On the Cloudflare Dashboard, there is a DNS settings section for your domain (see picture below).
Each entry can have a :orange: or :grey: (or nothing). For that cdn CNAME entry, make sure it’s set to :grey:


I did this but still the same. Please check here this is the website:


because you have error NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID for example: you will need to fix it


How can I fix this? Can you help me please?


It would be easier to turn off your plugin’s CDN option since you’re already using Cloudflare’s CDN.


when I turn off CDN in Swift performance plugin the CDN is not loading at all on the site. All images, css, js ,is loading over the server. Any help? Thanks.

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