CDN not working on website

Hey guys,
I’m using Cloudflare SSL and CDN on cPanel
but when I test the web sites speed I don’t see in the results CDN URL’s
Does this mean that cloudflare’s CDN isn’t working ?
the way I understand it, i should be able to see CDN urls as:
and i don’t have any of these…
moreover, when I go to “inspect page source” -> Ctrl + F -> CDN = 0 results.
How can i know for sure that cloudflare is working?

It’s probably working. But you didn’t post a domain name, so we can’t check for sure.

Cloudflare doesn’t change the URL for any resources, as it uses a reverse proxy server to cache your content.

@sdayman - my domain is

It’s definitely using Cloudflare’s CDN:

So all good !
Thanks again for your help @sdayman !

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