CDN not working may be

My site is
Using Cloudflare paid version but I guess CDN is not working. Can you check please?
I have put the provided nameservers as well. Using WP Rocket plugin on my site.

Cloudflare works just fine on that domain. What issues are you seeing?

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Last time I used cloudflare all the files including images, css and js came from cloudflare cdn link not this is not happening and still not getting a good speed on:

All the files served by your domain go through Cloudflare (and are correctly cached when I visit the website). The HTML file for the homepage takes a lot of time to load (> 1s), but that is due to a bad server config or a not powerful enough server. You have a ton of requests to third party domains for tracking and analytics, those are slowing down things for sure.

Ooh didn’t knew that, what should I do? Its a wordpress site.

Hi @umair

All files that belongs to your domain are loading from the Cloudflare server.

  1. Go to

  2. Click on the Individual file request to see the reponse code.

  3. You can find Server: Cloudflare written there.

Since this site uses WP Rocket to optimize, the main site content is loading quickly.

Rest, 3rd-party requests are slow. Nobody can fix it. You have one option

  1. remove it.

How to find and remove these third party requests? deactivate there plugin or so?

If possible, please see the above attached screenshot, you can find related domain name which is loading slow. You need to limit the number of 3rd-party stuffs or completely remove them to have really quick load time.,, tawk, analytics, facebook connect, web fonts, etc
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That is great information, let me try.

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