CDN not working correctly anymore

So I have been using Cloudflare for a long time now, upgraded to Pro 2 days ago due to an attack.

However, about 3 Weeks ago Cloudflare started misbehaving:

  • 1st visit of a page: Error 521 Web server is down
    this is not true, as the site works just fine if i access it though my server IP

  • 2nd visit of a page (refresh) page appears… work every single time.

I am extremely confused. If my server is down, why is it never down on refreshing a page? Clearly its not. I have not used a VPN yet to test if its just my local data center… but its clearly something to do with Cloudflare.

Anyone experienced / solved this?

Thought it was a Joomla issue at first, but the site works 100% fine with no CDN, so that is not the issue.

Argo Tiered Cache

was the problem.

So if anyone has the bug ‘website must be refreshed to work’, DISABLE Argo Cache…

funny that it says that it delivers more reliably.

Yes, that fixed all the issues.

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Good to know. I’d say that if anybody else runs into this, they should open a ticket (email: support AT cloudflare DOT com).

I use Argo Tiered Caching and haven’t run into this, and I’d rather not give up on tiered caching if the issue is fixable.

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Thanks ill tell support about it. I assume its my local data center that is the issue, but I have no way to tell for sure.

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If it impacts speed, ill try using a VPN to see if its just my local data center.

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