Cdn not showing in GTmetrix

good day, I recently signed up for Cloudflare about a week ago. When I run a GTmetrix test it still shows to use a CDN. my domain is <>. Am I missing something?

thanks for the reply. I went through most of the posts which all seem to say, either wait and see, which is not my thing because its been several days now, or gtmetrix is wrong and that its actually there and just not showing. which is kinda like doing something and just having faith thats its working when theres no tangible evidence that its doing what it doing. so, I’m still at square one.

signed up and set up Cloudflare on my domain primarily to utilize the CDN capabilities with no evidence that its actually doing what it says its doing.

any more thoughts on this ??

GTMetrix is wrong. As I look through your site with my browser’s Dev Tools open, headers for your static resources are showing cf-cache-status, such as:

thats an interesting display. my ignorance here but what does “cf-cache-status: HIT” mean.
thanks again.

cf-cache is the CDN. That’s where Cloudflare stores files in what’s generally understood to be the CDN feature. If it’s a MISS, then it wasn’t already loaded in the Pull CDN. A HIT means it’s been pulled into the CDN already. It won’t stay there forever, but long enough for the next recent visitors.

ah understood. thanks.
any idea why gtmetrix had incorrect results? I mean if their that far off how can they be trusted as a test platform for site performance.
thanks again

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