CDN not serving JS or CSS files

When testing my site on GTMetrix, it seems that there are 6 static components (JS and CSS) that are not being served by Cloudflare. I tried changing Caching Level to “Ignore Query String” but this did not resolve the issue. Is there any other setting I can adjust with Cloudflare to resolve this? Here’s a link to the GTMetrix report:

Your site does not appear to be on Cloudflare?

% dig +short
% whois | grep NetName
NetName:        GOOGLE-CLOUD
% dig +short ns
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Thanks Michael, let me check with my host and see if something went wrong in my setting this up.

Your site is on a partner setup and in these cases only the www record goes through Cloudflare, not the naked domain.

Right now your naked domain redirects to “www”, so there shouldnt be an issue. In the test you posted, this did not happen, but maybe you or your host have changed the configuration in the meantime. Currently it works as expected.

As to the message you posted/referred to, you can safely ignore that, respectively search the forum here for gtmetrix, if you want to know more details.

Thank you Sandro, that was indeed the issue. I tested the site and its working really well, but when I look at the waterfall report on gtmetrix (see current report the initial call to the site is taking between 600-800ms. On other sites I’ve hosted with SiteGround and use Cloudflare CDN, its usually 200-400. Is there anything else that could be causing this delay when first calling the site or is this delay just the DNS change that takes time to propagate? Really appreciate any direction you could provide.

I am afraid that is solely dependent on your server. Either the server takes longer or your site requires optimising.

Alternatively, it could be the server location. The Canadian checkpoint seems to be pretty fast, the others take longer. Is the site hosted in Canada?

Understood, not sure why I didn’t think that the initial call would have to go through my host who also manages my domain. Thank you for the feedback, will dig into it further.

You could cache the main site as well (page rule -> cache everything) but then you might run into stall content issues. It really depends on how your site is set up.

Good call, I’ll test that as well. When I was trying to resolve the issue with the static files, I tried setting up just such a rule. I’m circling back with my host to see if they can help. Thank you again.

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