CDN not seem working on GTmetrix

Thank you for giving some time to check my issue.

I have one site on siteground and I have setup Cloudflare from hosting control panel. I followed all steps as mentioned here in this video

But unfortunately, it doesn’t work for me. On GTmetrix, it still shows CDN = 0 in the yslow panel.

Can anyone help me with some hint to fix this?

Many Thanks

There are many posts about GTMetrix and CDN. Give them a look. Or post your domain name so we can double-check.

Thank you @sdayman for taking at look this.

The domain name is

Your domain/site isn’t using Cloudflare.

But I have configured it. And Cloudflare says it is active.

You may have to do another step at Siteground, like Activating to go through Cloudflare.

Okay, Let me try out that.

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Nope, I am afraid thats a setup on our all time favourite host (the one who must not be named; the one with the daddy issues). Nothing remotely Cloudflarish about it -> well, the site is set up but thats it.

@sunnykasera, you need to change your nameservers or starters.

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