CDN Nodes for Chinese Users

Currently, Chinese users are being assigned to American DNS host ip, which doesn’t make sense to me.
Taiwanese and Hongkong users are getting the host ip in Hongkong.

I know there is no easy way to use the nodes inside China, but why are near China Nodes not used?

This makes a huge difference as the CDN nodes are chosen based on the host IP and using the CDN node all the way across the Pacific ocean is not making sense at all.

This is such a widespread problem that some users even relied on tools to test and modify their own host IP locally, like this GitHub repo:

Please fix this, Cloudflare.


After a deep dive, it appears to be ISP’s issue as mentioned in this post.

I would prefer if cloud flare not to chose CDN node based on dns ip or allow websites to set the preferred node. It is more constructive that way, instead of just serving slow contents to all Chinese users

The Anycast technology used by Cloudflare in nature doesn’t allow us to specifically choose a PoP for the connection. Everything is based on ISP routing.

Usually for website owners to serve web traffic to China users (and use the China PoP), they need to apply ICP license.

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