CDN Load balancing with cloudflare


We use multiple CDN’s for our applications and load balance to fastest one for the country - therefor the DNS lookup changes depending on where you’re looking it from (5cents for some regions, Cloudflare(for Pakistan etc etc).

How do I get up and running without changing my nameservers please?

The only way is with a CNAME setup which is on business or enterprise.

Though I am confused why you are looking to use multiple CDNs with Cloudflare.

Heya, I’m not looking to use multiple CDN’s with Cloudflare - I’m looking to use multiple CDN’s and route to the best one per country - Cloudflare being best in a few :slight_smile: .

Part of our product offering is that pages are delivered at edge based on targeting via the fastest route. IE we try and deliver every page via the fastest provider.

Oh and thanks for the link, it’s nearly 3am here currently, so i’ll check it out in the morning!

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