CDN isnt working

Hey there, my site is on prestashop and i configure de DNS to point do the Cloudflare servers, but, the CDN isnt working, my site always load the information from de original server on the US, i am from brazil.

What should i do to make it work properly?

You should test your website on to see what datacenter it’s coming from.

The “whois” information is not meant to tell where content is coming from, it will show California even though your content likely is coming from a closer location.


thanks for reply,

I Just dit the test you said, and the result was this “Likely not a Cloudflare website!”

Do you know what i sholud do?

Thanks - it looks like while you’re using Cloudflare, your DNS records are set to “DNS only” - this means CF isn’t using the CDN currently.

You should go to the the DNS page of the dashboard and turn your “www” record to an orange cloud :orange: (by clicking the currently grey :grey: cloud) - this will activate the CDN.

Thanks again.
Now work it. and i already notice the speed up in load time of the site.

Please allow me to take another doubt with you :blush:

see in atachement the dashboard overview statics is all 0

zero visitor, zero cashed, should i do something more for Cloudflare work fine ?

Nah, it’ll update automatically it’s the Cloudflare Analytics.

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