CDN is not working as expected

Hi all! In the dashboard we see a quota of 50% cached content. However, on our server, every static file is retrieved over and over again. Der TTL ist auf 1 Tag eingestellt. Was können wir tun?

English or german, but please decide which language you want to stick with :slight_smile:

For german we have a dedicated german part in the forum. →

50% cache rate is very normal. CloudFlare does not act like a normal/regular CDN, but as a reverseProxy CDN therefore your files will be served from your origin Server each time the TTL gets passen AND everytime your files are requested from a different POP.
CloudFlare does have over 250 POPs worldwide so 50% cache rate is ok. If you want to get a higher Cache Rate please increase the TTL to about 1 Month or even 1 Year (1y is googles recommendation).

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