CDN is not serving js, jpg, css files



I’m trying to get Cloudflare CDN to serve my static assets but I’m having no luck.

I have read the following;

Cloudflare CDN active, but not caching? (I have set the cache expiry from default 4hrs to 1 day and then purged) (I have tried the curl command & it seems ok. Can’t find header in Webpagetest)

If you see this WebpageTest page, it looks like nothing is being served by Clouldflare

The things I have enabled on Cloudflare are:
Minify HTML
Browser Cache Expiry from 4hrs -> 1day
Https always on

Have I missed a configuration somewhere?

Thanks in advance.


That test didn’t go through Cloudflare. If you just added that site to Cloudflare, it takes a day or two for DNS to fully propagate. Right now, it looks like everywhere should have the correct IP address now.

I re-tested and it looks better:


Thanks for the response and the testing. Very much appreciated!


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