CDN is activated images not showing under CDN

Hi Team,
Images not showing under CDN, can we do any other setup all images are displayed within CDN

There’s not a lot of detail to go off here - what do you mean by not showing?

What troubleshooting have you done already?

Do you have a domain name to share that we can reproduce the issue on?

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Thanks for your response.
How can image come under Cloudflare path?

For Example like this

Right now displaying this

Cloudflare is a transparent proxy/ CDN. When proxied cachable assets are cached by Cloudflare’s edge and delivered to the visitor.

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I mean any posiibilites to deploy all images to CDN path

It is possible, but your site nor its performance will benefit from. When Cloudflare had cookies on their cached files, then it theoretically could have made a difference if it would be a cookie-free domain. But now it does not matter at all.

To do it anyway, point with a CNAME to and rewrite your DOM to prepend the subdomain cdn to all links of all assets.

But like mentioned above, you will not benefit from this, Cloudflare is not a Push CDN.
You’re welcome :slight_smile:

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