CDN: intermittent broken images

Hi, we are currently having an issue with the images on our app.

sometimes they are loading, sometimes they are not. it requires to reload the page just to load the broken images which is not good.

i checked the link and notice that they are slightly different from what i expected to see.
was added to the original link.

is this a problem? or i am missing something? couldn’t find anything related to this issue. please help thanks.


This is caused by Mirage, which you can disable in the Speed section of the dashboard. Could you please DM me your website URL so we can have a look?

Hi @sven2 ,

Thank you for the response.

Why is it that sometimes images are loading and sometimes not? when i removed that “/cdn-cgi/mirage/…” on the link the image is loading.

This should be fixed now.

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