CDN in CloudFlare

I bought the Pro package from Cloudflare. And as a beginner, I want to ask about the CDN problem:

Suppose my website is:, containing 2 files:

Is there any configuration in Cloudflare that helps me push files over other CDNs? For example:

Sorry if my question is silly

Hi @thembayteam,

Do you mean mirroring the files? If so, Cloudflare won’t do that.


As I check your website:

The file has been called from another domain =>

This forum is hosted by Discourse. Not surprisingly, it’s running through Cloudflare’s services, but you’re going to see some resources coming from outside of Cloudflare.

To answer your original question, Cloudflare is its own CDN and can cache some of your files. But only as a Pull CDN and not a Push CDN. It does not require a CDN subdomain, as your entire domain is already going through Cloudflare’s servers.


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