CDN image loading error

I’m having trouble displaying some images on all my sites with cloudflare. Some even have a paid external CDN and are also having trouble displaying images. Some do not display or load very slowly.

I’m from Spain, is something similar happening to anyone?

Are you using Cloudflare images? Do you have hotlinking protection enabled?

Hi, I don’t use cloudflare’s cdn image, and I do have hotlink protection activated. I have disabled proxy with dns only, and it must be the problem amazonWS is having these days.

I have a Cloud server and I think it is hosted with them.

Are the images not displaying in all cases?

If you’d like more specific information, please post the URL of a page where we can observe the issue.

An example:

In this case the thumbnails of the images are with another external CDN, when clicking on them to make them full size, many do not load or take a long time to load.

That happens to me on all the webs of my server where I shows the images directly from it without CDN.

The same thing happens to me in the Wordpress dashboard, I upload any image, I put it in a post and it takes a long time to see it. In multimedia library many thubnails do not load either.


I do see that several are slow to load, even though they’re proxied by Cloudflare. But their cache status is MISS, so it has to request the image from your server. That seems to be where the slowdown is.

Reloading the page helps, but as soon as the images is evicted from the cache, you’ll be facing the same issue again.

Was this happening before you added the site to Cloudflare?

Hi Sdayman

The pages have been activated with Cloudflare always. This started to happen 2 days ago all of a sudden on all the websites on my server.

It’s all very strange …

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