CDN hit rate of only 10 percent

Hello, I’m trying to enhance my cache hit rate on Cloudflare.

Based on my 30-day metrics:

  • Unique Visitors: 1.16k
  • Total Requests: 7.08k
  • Percent Cached: 11.25%
  • Total Data Served: 233 MB
  • Data Cached: 26 MB

An 11.25% cache hit rate seems low to me. I’ve ensured basic settings are in place.
Is this performance expected for the free plan with my visitor count?
I’m uncertain about the root of the problem and would greatly appreciate any guidance.


If your website has mostly dynamic content, it won’t have a high cache rate.

If your website has static content with filename extensions that are not cached by default by Cloudflare, you need to create a Cache Rule to make it cacheable.

Thank you.
However, my page is created with Next.js’s SSR and is a static page, not a dynamic one.
I’ll review the file extension of the filename.

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