CDN help pls

i have full head of the examples and tutorials but still can’t figure it out.
How can i make CDN for example a specific country to make local delivery.
I have only 1 webhosting and 1 domain.
And how can i check if its working.
I have setup everything what is recomended, i did page rule for my website with Browser Cache TTL: a day, Cache Level: Cache Everything, Edge Cache TTL: a day.
But still when im making ping from that country i still have big response like 50ms, and should be from CDN datacenter around 10ms.
Please advice, is it neccesary to make a worker to do what i want?

Thank you <3

Is this what i need to do?

Ping isn’t a good measurement for website performance. Actual performance of cached resources depends on your ISP. A test like this is a better indicator:

Thank you for the reply.
The servers that are testing are no use for me, i need different country.
Better to exact see if it is caching from what country.

Please tell me if im wrong.
So i made cloudflare name server, that mean that if somebody write the website link ,it shold give him the specific IP as per rules/CDN, am i correct?
And if it is giving the same IP and doesnt consider the source GEO IP, thats mean that i have maybe something in DNS wrong?

Ok so i figured it out.
I had A record with DNS only enabled.
Removed, Now its fixed.
Thank you @sdayman for your time <3

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