CDN functionality

Is it correct that if I connect my website to Cloudflare, all my js/css/html are automatically served from Cloudflare cdn by website visitors? Or it is required to manually upload files to CDN?

I’m a bit confused between this discussion and this one.

My goal is to place JS files on CDN to provide best delivery and speed.

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Yes. You don’t need to upload files. As long as you don’t have any settings explicitly bypassing cache, all files ending with .css and .js, as well as the common image file extensions are cached automatically and served to the users from our CDN.

See Default Cache Behavior · Cloudflare Cache (CDN) docs

Edit: Depending on your plan level as well as settings, the behaviour for your site might differ. For example if you use a page rule to disable caching, enforce caching on all URLs, or if you use Tiered Caching. What I described and linked is the default behaviour, if you didn’t modify it.


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