CDN for video: What is the best way to get CDN working for 1080p video on demand with 20mbps bitrate?

Hi! We are creating architectural visualization videos, that MUST be played at 20mbps bitrate in 1080p. I have tried Cloudflare Stream player and was completely dissapointed with the quality after compression. So, we need another solution. So there is a question, can Cloudflare CDN cache our videos in their source bitrate, so we they can be downloaded in any country with a good speed? We do not need such options as bufferisation or selection of resolution. We do not need custom html5 player. The only thing is really important - caching our content on servers around the world. Clodufalre already do this with images and text files (JS, HTML etc). What about video? :question: :thinking: How to get chache for video. We do not need much: we have only 3 gigabytes of videos. And we need not more than 100gigabytes of traffic per month. What shell we do?
Thank you!

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