CDN for Sap commerce website

Hi All,
We are trying to cache the media and cms components for Sap commerce cloud websites.
We are able to successfully cache the assets from the JsStorefront
but the page rules is not able to cache the medias and cms components that it is fetching from via api from the hybris server.

Note: lddigi is the site we have configured in Cloudflare for Jsstorefront
Will appreciate any help on this

Those hostnames are not proxied by Cloudflare. Of those are the URLs showing up for the assets I. The browser they are being retrieved by the user’s machine directly. Cloudflare isn’t involved in that interaction

Thanks for your reply.Can you please guide me in setting up the proper way.The SPA website is fetching details from this api url then how should i mention this Cloudflare so that it caches the cms and media files.It will be really helpful if you can share me some articles for this kind of configuration. Thank you in advance.