CDN for photos app/website pricing

Hello there
I’m developing an app that, for short, the admin upload essay photos and the user select some of these pics.
At first, I would delivery these pics directly from backblaze b2 service, but I heard about cloudflare and I’m trying to figure out how it works and how much it costs.

It is not a BIG service, so not bandwidth hungry. I’m estimating that each costumer would download about 30~40pics once, 100kB each file, five people a day, probably one time shot, because I will do local cache on app. Content will be downloaded again only if costumer clears that cache. So, expecting roughly between 15MB~20MB downloaded data every day. Even if doubling all of this, so 10 people every day, and each file laying around 200kB, and 80 pics, it would be just 160MB of pictures.
But, despite the fact that images are static content, the same file is not expected to be downloaded repeatedly 'cause of said local cache.

What I liked the most is the possibility to lower costumer latency using cloudflare cdn, but I can’t understanding the costs of this service.
Is the free plan suitable to delivery photos like that? On cloudflare home page it is said I could deliver static content like js, css, html and images. But how much images it can handle on free plan? Where can I get more information?

Thanks in advance

Cloudflare’s lower-tier plans are for Websites. As it sounds like you’re interested just for the free bandwidth from Backblaze as a CDN, that would violate Cloudflare’s Terms of Service section 2.8

@sdayman’s response is spot on. With the mentioned use case you might be in violation of the terms of service.

That being said, point 2.8 is intentionally very vague as Cloudflare does not want to limit the use all that strictly. If you say you transfer about 200 megabytes per day I do not think Cloudflare would seriously object to that or even notice. You can certainly still clarify this with support, you probably won’t get a clear yes or no either though.

Of course, that assumption applies to 200ish megabytes. Should you suddenly start to transfer gigabytes or more, that could be a lot different.

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Thank you for the help
Yeah, I think you both clarified me. As I mentioned before, my first thought was to lower the latency of response on image request because cloudflare job is exactly that as I understand. But I don’t want to misuse the service. Furthermore, backblaze b2 outgoing bandwidth is not expensive. For that reason, I wasn’t trying to save some bucks, but instead just speed up my responsiveness of overall app usage.
But as you both said, I think this could violate the Terms of Service.
That said, if I want some cloudflare service for my usage, what service should I stick on? Are there any specific to my case? I found some similar, but for video streaming, known as CloudFlare Stream.