Cdn for non www domain and siteground

dear members and support,

its realy that i cant a non www domain ( don’t bring in cdn cloudflare network?

The support from siteground tell this.

Is this realy true? I hope not!

Can me please anybody give a link or step by step tutorial for the integration my domain from siteground in my cdn cloudflare account?

I use wordpress and wp_rocket cache plugin with cdn option.
I have cdn activated in siteground and than in my wp_rocket cache plugin.
But when i open my domain with www. then i get in browser error 503.
I have a rewrite from www. to naked domain. ( to
but this worked now i get error…

Whats wrong and how can i make this right?

So thanks for your help!


If you’re using a CNAME setup from Siteground, they make you use www. If you use a direct setup at Cloudflare, you use an “A” record setup with IP addresses, and then you can use a non-www canonical URL.

Thanks sdayman,

but i dont will use WWW!!

How can i see that i using cname or A record?

And what must edit?

My Domain is on domain hoster and over siteground dns server with siteground connected!

What is to doo?

Turn off Cloudflare in your Siteground account, then set up Cloudflare on your own:

Ok… thanks! I try them out and see what happend…


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