CDN for levrage cache and speed up blog



Dear cloudflare,
My blog Top Natural Healthcare has levrage cache issue with speed of blog.
Please tell me CDN installation suggestion to speed up blog.
Thank you


Out of the 177 resources your site uses, only 9 are loaded from your domain, and those are pretty quick.

Cloudflare can’t speed up external resources. Take a look at WebPageTest to see which resources are taking the longest and then you can decide which ones you need to optimize, keep, or get rid of.


This is terrible I feel this matter has been solved yet I need to find a place to post so that I can get enough posts out there to be granted access to post my own topic!

I have a lot of questions on how to speed up my website and need some help.


I really want to speed up my website load time but am stuck as to the best option.

Here are the results of my web page speed test. What’s the “First Byte Time” and what’s the best way for me to speed it up on my website?


Are you using a caching plugin? My first guess is it’s taking your site that long to generate the home page. Something like W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache should speed things up. Personally, I use WP Fastest Cache because it’s simple and effective.


This blog post may provide some information.

Additionally, it looks like you have ~50 HTTP requests for JS and CSS assets. If possible you should look into combining and minifying these assets using a Wordpress plugin or Cloudflare itself. Many wordpress caching plugins offer some minification features. You should avoid minifying with both Wordpress plugin and Cloudflare.