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Hi, I asked about this before but I’m not sure I expressed myself correctly so here is my question again and more detailed, it it possible work as below scenario ?

we are trying to set up a specific configuration which divide the address of the system and the files the user receive.
we like to allow our server to serve the user and deliver the html, js, css, etc’ and the CDN will deliver the images.
for example, a user will request the address “”, the request will reach our server and the server will response with the needed files (html, js, css, etc’) that will return to the user from the server who received the request, the images that are linked with the domain “” will be delivered by the CDN .

example for the html response the server ( with the image URL ( of the CDN :

hello world

this page was delivered from the server

this image delivered from the CDN

sorry my HTML example again

example for the html response the server ( with the image URL ( of the CDN : (Removed tags in example below)

  • hello world



h1>this page was delivered from the server</h1

h1>this image delivered from the CDN</h1

img src=“

Cloudflare’s CDN is part of its proxy service.

If you can get your server to send those images from a ‘cdn’ subdomain, then Cloudflare can proxy it as the ‘cdn’ subdomain.

I’m confused because you said it’s possible but, I got this answer from another person

*“Possible yes, but a violation of 2.8 of the terms of service and you’ll likely get your account suspended.”

I believe I answered your question clearly, and exactly in line with @sandro’s response. He already warned you, so the rest is up to you.

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you did answer clearly but I didn’t get why this method is violation of the term.
I don’t want to violate cloudflare terms and get my account suspended because I did something wrong with no attention of harm so I want to know why it’s wrong by cloudflare.
there is almost zero information about non common scenarios and people like me depends on MVPs which most of time the answers clear for them but difficult for me to understand so, I really appreciate more detailed answer.
Thanks again

Can you elaborate on what it is that is unclear about 2.8?

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