CDN for CloudFlare Free Plan

I have registered in Cloudflare in order to use the CDN Server that is provided via the Free plan.

I am unable to find any setting to configure it on my website.

Please, where are the CDN details to be put in my registar?

Thank you, John.

You change the nameservers in your registrar to your Cloudflare assigned ones.


Hello Cyb3r-Jak3,
I have changed those.
So you are saying that automatically, as soon as I upload an image, this is saved in Cloudflare instead of my registar, no other settings needed?
I am building a website with a WordPress installation. If I want to manage the uploaded images (e.g. delete an old one, add a new one manually), how should I manage that?


Know what Cloudflare CDN:

All those settings are managed at your hosting provider/ where you edit your site. However, you can explore Cloudflare for more other features. You may start here:

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