CDN First Bite Time

how to improve First Bite Time via CDN… we recently getting F rating from Webpagetest results for First Bite time. is there a setting or recommended option for us to use to get the rating back to an acceptable level?


You’ll need to optimise your server and its software configuration? Let me guess please, Wordpress?! :wink:

Sandro, No not WordPress… Apache…

can you recommend any kinda of server configuration that I can do to improve it…

Apache and Wordpress are two completely different things. Can you post the URL?

If your front page doesn’t depend on dynamic content, you can cache it with a Page Rule:

Match: and set Cache Level (Cache Everything), Edge Cache TTL (a day or so, depending on your situation)

If your front page is too dynamic to cache, then you’ll have to do as @sandro suggested and optimize your site at your host. Cloudflare can’t make your server go faster.

Thank you @sdayman and @sandro… we have to work it out in the origin.

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Page speed is relative to the testing site location and target site location geographically.

With Cloudflare enabled, TTFB isn’t as important when you compare to first paint, first contentful and meaningful paint and document load times. As those are metrics Google is looking for and where Cloudflare will help you optimise for when it’s enabled. has advanced features you can use to reveal these additional Google focused pagespeed metrics i.e. Google Lighthouse Report

I wrote a guide for my users which maybe useful to you as well including enabling Google Lighthouse Report testing in WPT

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