CDN download stats for file hosted in B2

Hi folks,

I would like to do this:

host a podcast episodes’ files in B2 and setup a CDN with Cloudflare ( but I wonder:

Will I be able to get the download stats for my episodes?

On Cloudflare part, I mean. B2 has some stats but they won’t be realistic as Cloudflare with be CDNing the files.

You would have to set up something like Logflare. It runs through Workers, so it’s going to cost some money, depending on the amount of traffic.

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Correction: if it’s set-up as an app, at the moment, there is no cost for the Workers run. It may change, but it’s not billed now.


Logflare seems to be paid as well, so it might be easier to pay for some podcast hosting.

Logflare will have paid plans soon. All is still free while in beta. Even then the free plan will be generous at about 5 million events a month.