CDN doesn't work with jpg png

Hi, I attach a photo of a webtestpage made on 08-05-2019 2 pm
i solved the issue linked to the redirect between www. and no www.
Now the CDN seems to work but it doesn’t save jpg and png files.

Could you help me
I also attach my cache’s settings and page rule

As mentioned on the page itself, you need an asterisk at the end of your URL in the page rule pattern.

Is it correct:

I purged the cache now i wait almost an hour and check if the issue is solved

If you only want to cache everything on HTTPS, yes.

what i have to write to cache everything everywhere?
another “*” before :// or just writing:


ok, thank you a lot
i purged the cache again.
do you think this was the issue?
how muche time i have to wait to see if it’s solved?

The issue for what?

Cloudflare doesn’t cache .jpg and .png files as shown by webtestpage’s test

That is related to the caching directives you might send for those files. The page rule you configured is controlling the caching on Cloudflare, not the client. For that you will need to change your server or set “Browser Cache TTL” in the page rule.

those file are cached on the client and i already set an expire date
by the way i think that the problem was linked to the missing “*” before the url as you adviced to me.
in fact as you can see the resources missing from CDN detected are related to “” without www, while those realted to “” are detected CDN-png-jpg hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB

I use siteground as host and i had to change the website URL from to to start the CDN working so maybe i should change the photoes’ URL

I solved!!

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