CDN doesn't work for my website


I’ve configured settings in my Cloudflare account (Free subscription) but it seems that CDN doesn’t work.

I’m checking my website (using VPN) and I get Ukrainian IP all the time. Gtmetrix also shows me that CDN isn’t configured

What could I miss there? Thank you in advance!

You have set up NS records at your host instead of changing your domain’s nameservers at your registrar. You need to do the latter.

Hey, sandro. Are you sure? I changed that here

Do you want to say me that I need to change this one

I wouldnt have said it otherwise, would I?

You need to change the nameservers in the second screenshot and drop the NS records from the first.

Thank you so much but I have the last question. Why did I get approve in Cloudflare dashboard if I’ve done that wrong?

Thats a good question, that shouldnt have happened, however only support can clarify that. Maybe because the domain was already configured for Cloudflare two years ago.

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Thank you so much. I’ll change that. Let me ask you again If I’ll have any questions around that.


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